Frequent questions

# 1. Is this website safe? Can i order safely?

Answer: This site is 100% sure. And to be honest, we could even say that it is 300%. Here is why:

First, the site you are visiting is on an HTTPS server (the little green padlock on the left side of the url of this page is  there to remind you).

Most sites only protect your "shopping cart" and everything  related to the payment of orders. In this site, ALL PAGES are secure and cannot be hacked or attacked by malware.

Then, we take the services of the world leader in protection of websites (McAfee) that monitors every second all the data that passes  by this site. He is there, watch, and makes sure that nobody try hacking the system).

In summary, browse and order in GuriShop is 100% sure.
So you can stroll here and there in this colorful shop with complete peace of mind!

#2 I have received an email saying that my order is complete, But nothing has come to me!

Answer: Once the couriers tell us that the order is found channeled, we automatically send this mail.

#3 What courier will my package deliver to me?

We work with the courier service GLS

#4 How can I know the status of my order or where it is?

Answer: We only serve order states via email through By sending us an email with your order number we will help you determine if it is on the way or we can give you the tracking. We try to answer the emails in the 24/48 business hours after sending us the email.

#5 I have sent a reply email but they do not give me an answer

Answer: Our mail is unidirectional so if you send the reply email to an account that is not the response may take much longer than usual. If you want to answer an email, please do it through The emails that are sent to us at are usually answered in the 24/48 business hours after sending us the email.

Equally, If you see that the email does not arrive, check the spam folder just in case.

#6 The package / order has arrived broken

Answer: In case the broken order has arrived, Send us photos to as soon as we receive your order so we can review.

#7 How can I open a pandora bracelet?

Answer: To open it you can press with your fingernail on the wedge at the top. You can see more information by clicking on the following link: